How do I set up Outlook Express manually Print

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1) Go to Tools > Accounts > Add ( Mail ) 

2) Follow the Internet Connection Wizard

E-mail Server Names'

Incoming Mail (POP3): Mail.YourDomainName

Outcoming Mail (STMP):Mail.YourDomainName

Internet Mail Logon

Account Name: your full email  i.e

Password: Email Password

3) Go to account properties

General > Mail Account: can be anything you like

Servers > Select - My server requires authentication

             > Settings > Outgoing Mail Server > Log on using > If you are sending email through your ISP, enter the account name and password they provided on setup; If you are sending mail through your web host, enter the entire email and password you created in cPanel.

Connection > Select which connection you are using

4) Click on Send/Receive in the menu bar

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