How to host/transfer your website with/to Hostingbay? Print

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If you don't have a registered domain name, please register one here:

To transfer your domain name, please go to:

For the web-hosting service, please do in the following order:

1) Please choose the server, plan and signup. If you're using Unix server, please go to:

If you like to use a Windows server, please go to:

2) If you're transferring your website to be hosted with Hostingbay, after receiving our welcome email, please download all web-pages, scripts and pictures from your old web-hosting company's server and upload them to ours. 

3) Create email accounts through the temporary link to the control panel (Cpanel or Plesk) 

4) Verify the DNS settings, Please make sure it is: 

5) Please wait for 24-48 hours to let the new name server settings to be fully propagated through the internet (sometimes it is less than 12 hours)

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