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It's not always vital to use a new domain name when you need to add to your site. For example, lets say you wanted to add a shopping cart or support system to your domain or website. Instea of creating a whole new domain name for these items, you could set up a subdomain



A subdomain for the shopping cart might be www.store.yourdomain.com

Or for your support system might be www.support.yourdomain.com

Or even for your photos www.photo.yourdomain.com


How do I set one up?

For Linux hosting, please go to your cPanel (yourdomain.com/cpanel or yourdomain:2083)

Scroll down to the domains section and click on subdomains.

Enter in the “subdomain” box the subdomain that you desire. Eg: photos or support, store, etc…

Press the tab key

Then the “document Root” box should now be prefilled with your subdomain’s new folder that will be created.

Click on create

To access this folder now and update your subdomain, simply access like you would for all of your other accounts via FTP etc,.. You can add WordPress to your subdomain if you like or whatever you need irrespective of how your domain is set up.


To add a subdomain on a windows server.

Please send a support email to support@hostingbay.com.au and we will set the subdomain for you


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