Do you provide Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)? Print

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Yes, we do.You can choose one of following SSL options.

Option1:  Dedicated SSL -
Dedicated IP Address: cost $50 a year

SSL Certificate:

You can purchase your own SSL certificate and send it to us to install. We will charge $50 once-off installation fee. 
You also can purchase SSL certificate from us, 
$80 for one year. $50 one-time installation fee.
$160 for two years, no installation fee.

Please provide us following information to order an SSL certificate
Website/Server Name: 
Company Name:
Company Division:
Country (2 letter Abbreviation): 
Zip / Postcode

Option 2 Shared SSL - It will look like this

We offer share SSL for $5 / month or $50/year. But it will begin with hostingbay server name.

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