How can I pay for my hosting account?

Your hosting account can be paid for in many ways.

Credit Card

To pay by credit card simply enter your account details at checkout.

To update your credit card details on file please follow the link below

Login via your billing account with registered email address and password, update your credit card details.

Bank Transfer

Account Name: Hostingbay
Bank: Commonwealth Bank of Australia
BSB: 063 167
Account Number: 10912312

Please kindly enter your Domain Name or Invoice number in payment reference when you make the deposit. After the transaction, send us an e-mail, to be notified.

Cheque/Money order

Please make out the check/money order to:

And post it to:
PO Box 180,
Ringwood East VIC 3135

Please kindly attach a note showing the Domain Name you're paying for. Thank you.

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