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Customers can terminate accounts in the member area.

You may cancel your account anytime within the first 30 days of service without incurring any charges where free service is offered.

You may cancel your account anytime before your next billing date and not incur any charges for the next billing period. You may request cancellation by using the link in the member’s area or by sending your cancellation request to Login ID and domain name must be included in the cancellation request. The cancellation will take effect only when the receipt of the cancellation request is confirmed by us.

Any cancellation after the free period is non refundable and billing will cease at the end of the current billing cycle for non committing members. For members who are on the commitment terms, hosting plan will have to pay the full amount of the terms, and or pay the monthly amount up to the end of the terms.

There is no refund on website design, IT support and other paid services that are not specified in this terms and conditions.

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